3 Home-made Recipe Alternative for Kids from Mrs.Safa

Here is Mrs.Safa’s healthy and home-made recipe alternatives to serve to your kids full of vitamins and proteins. 💡

1st alternative is Oven Baked Pizza  🍕

Pizza is one of the most delicious  food especially for your kids! To make it healthier, you can bake your pizza at home with different ingredients!

Recipe link:  https://www.safinstantme.com/en/recipes/gourmet-pizza


2nd alternative is Home made Hamburger 🍔

This quick, easy, and cheap hamburger recipes are sure to make your kids and family pleased!You may also add finely chopped seasonal veggies to your burgers to your child’s favorite. 😊

Recipe link:  https://www.safinstantme.com/en/recipes/homemade-hamburger


3rd alternative is Chicken Sandwich with Tagine-Style Bread 🥪

Probably one of the most popular kid’s favorite foods is the chicken sandwich! With this  With this easy-to-make tagine bread sandwiches, chicken is transformed into an excellent source of protein appetizing for your kids!

Recipe link:  https://www.safinstantme.com/en/recipes/tagine-style-bread-with-spicy-chicken