7 activities that spend your time more proactive at home

Many of us are staying at home to be safe during pandemic days. You can consider this time to realise all the things you delayed until now. Try these activities to not get bored while promoting learning for kids. There is enough space and activities for everyone at home. ❤️

1.It’s time to read

Gather up the books that your children didn’t read or left around the home and let the children create their own library. It may be the perfect time to develop a reading habit. Books may brings them much more inspiration even more than what they hoped. 📚

2.Bake never tried recipes before

Most kids adore yummy treats, cookies and health pastries and it may be the perfect time for the kids to start their baking experience. They will love getting involved in all the baking processes by learning skills, practicing math and reading recipes. But the most important thing is spending time together and sharing valuable moments. You can get a great staying at home experience by baking.

You may visit our recipes https://www.safinstantme.com/en#ourrecipes to find the recipe for your challenge! 🍳

3.Costumes for role play

There’s no need to wait until birthday parties for wearing costumes.. From super heroes to animals or a princess… Your kids will love the opportunity to dress up. Kids can learn how to make their own easy costumes so they can bring their favorite characters to life. Having fun has been never more creative.

4.DIY projects

Maybe it’s time to build the garage you always dreamed about. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have one. We all know that “Do it yourself” was so popular in last years but the work didn’t allow us to realise the things inspired us. DIY project ideas will inspire you to get crafting and creative while staying at home. As we are staying at home, why not do something with children for your home? That will keep you busy and allow you to use your creativity. 💡

5.Watch documentaries together

Getting bored of watching too many movies and looking for an alternative? Let’s try to watch something a little more interesting. Documentaries may be both educational and emotionally powerful for children. All you need to do is to find what your children are interested in. Actually, some kids love science while others pay attention to animal documentaries. So prepare popcorn but not for a movie this time. Now, time to gather up the whole family for making a choice to fascinate the kids.  🎥

6.Online sport classes at home

Many of us already started thinking about how we can get, or stay, active. You can try so many kind of exercises at home even you don’t have a routine. Just remember that you have to be active to keep your health. All you have to do is using the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media, you can find plenty of exercises for the whole family. Also, you can get kids to gain a sport habit this way. Staying active is more important than ever right now. 🏅

7.Learn a foreign language

Schools are closed but education continues at home. And as part of education, foreign languages can open up new doors and introduce your children to a new culture. So you can help kids to improve their English to completement school work. Let’s reduce the time that kids spend with television and the iPads and encourage them to understand English by watching foreign movies. 🌐