Mrs. Safa’s Healthy and Wellness Ramadan Tips for Women

Here are 3 tips for easy adaptation to Ramadan routines.

  1. Change in eating routine for fasting during Ramadan, could lead disruption of our body balance. Choosing more natural and healthy alternatives for eating, drinking plenty of water in Suhoor and being active after Iftar will help maintain actual weight.
  2. Prefer to eat more vegetables, especially during Ramadan. The more colorful the salad, the more health benefits it holds due to rich vitamins and minerals in the vegetables.
  3. Balanced food and fluid intake are important between the fasting periods. To maintain a balanced diet, it is recommended to consume food from all major food groups, equally distributed between two meal times:
  • Fruits and vegetables for vitamins,
  • Breads for carbohydrates,
  • Meat, fish, chicken and dairy products for proteins,
  • Water for minerals.

Please see Mrs Safa’s healthy Ramadan recipes below:

Cheese Pastry with Wheat FlourVegetable Soup with DoughGingerbread with Potatoes.